Customer database management

Your databases of customers, clients, and connections are some of your most important assets, but these assets need maintenance. Previous contacts can be the easiest source of additional sales, if these can be contacted again. However people change jobs, move, and eventually retire. Telegenisys Database Refresh services help our clients reconnect with these valuable lost connections.

We offer scalable refresh services so that the effort and expense matches your needs. Best of all we only charge you for the effort actually expended on each contact. If half your lost contacts are found on the first level then we only charge for second level research for the remaining contacts and so on.

All of our research is performed at our tightly controlled and monitored facilities and all data is returned to you at the end of the process.

Our usual levels of effort are:

Level One: Format verification and automated checks of online sources. Here we look for bridging data between your previous database and the new values we find online. The same person could be listed with multiple phone numbers or addresses and we find the values you didn’t have before.

Level Two: Internet research by hand to check for reasonable matches. This helps catch errors in transcription.

Level Three: Social and business website searches. We use the information you have to track down personal and professional mentions.

Level Four: Direct contact as we call the contacts using the data we’ve gathered in the previous levels.

In all cases we apply only those methods you have specified and only in those countries your requirements allow this data to be accessed from.

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