Transportation planning services

Transportation planning services cover a wide array of needs:

  • Travel forecast
  • Impact studies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Existing parking compared to current needs
  • Modeling and simulations
  • Preliminary and functional road designs
  • Infrastructure assessments

These transportation planning services look at the whole picture created by each of the different elements and provides a path forward for nearly every aspect of road infrastructure. This big picture approach should be your starting and ending point as you work on all of the smaller segments of monitoring, studying, and analyzing traffic. If you miss one or two parts or forget to include data for simulation, you may end up costing your company or your client a contract.

With as diverse and complex as transportation planning services are, you need an expert to help you keep everything in order and moving forward. Having several extra sets of eyes on the entire picture will be extremely beneficial in making sure you don’t accidentally omit any of the steps as you work to provide your client with results and recommendations. Our staff have years of experience and intimate knowledge of the difficulties and solutions that can make your services efficient and effective.

For analysis projects requiring video analysis, aerial photo analysis (such as counting or tracking cars on images), GIS data creation and traffic model database creation services contact us at Telegenisys.  As an ISO certified operation we can assure you highly accurate superior results.

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