Traffic Generation Model

Traffic Generation Model

The traffic generation model gives you the means to create the traffic that will flow through your simulation. It is perhaps the least accurate part of the entire process because it creates situations that are likely the least like what you will find actually happens on the roads. Your simulation vehicles will act according to how you tell them to behave, meaning they are missing the element of unpredictability inherent with real drivers. It is the best guess at how traffic will behave based on how it has flowed in the past.

Everything that you want to remain static about the properties of your simulated vehicles should be defined during this stage of the process. You need to consider several different aspects when generating the model, including the following.

  • How fast cars will be going at different points, such as at stop signs or on a freeway near entrances and exits.
  • You need to add the distance between cars. This will be visible as cars enter and exit the simulation view.
  • The vehicle sizes are important in determining acceleration rates, distance needed to come to a stop, and distance between cars.

Our experienced simulation experts can give you the guidance you need to create a traffic generation model that will closely mimic current traffic and generate predictions based on how traffic flows are evolving.

For analysis projects requiring video analysis, aerial photo analysis (such as counting or tracking cars on images), GIS data creation and traffic model database creation services contact us at Telegenisys.  As an ISO certified operation we can assure you highly accurate superior results.

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