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Precision data entry solutions

For the last six years, Telegenisys has handled an average of 60,000 life insurance applicant cases each month. Our caseworkers verify that medical data requests are complete and compliant with HIPAA regulations. We consistently meet these and other client requirements to meet their schedules which include turn-around times of as little as an hour.
The reason our clients are able to depend on our handling such sensitive information with stringent standards and tight timelines is that Telegenisys has developed peer review and performance accuracy driven processes that maintain accuracy and speed.
Our systematic uncompromising approach to precision data entry solution drives our 99.996 % sustained accuracy of work.

Outsource data entry solutions

The insurance carriers who demand one-hour turnarounds for handling data entry and compliance checks depend on Telegenisys’s queue management system. We isolate mission-critical work from lower priority work giving us the ability to rapidly retarget teams to ensure SLA compliance for all work queues. Developing such priority management systems allows us to repurpose our work teams based on changing rules and priorities of our clients.
To maintain team performance Telegenisys hires only after extensive candidate testing. Accuracy requirements demand 100 % audit of work as new workers start handling queues. This process evolves to peer management and spot audits by subject matter experts until Telegenisys is absolutely sure that a caseworker has the presence to ensure accuracy and speed. After that, the new employee enters the standard quality assurance system.
Telegenisys deploys quality assurance as a layered process that requires all executives involved to personally test the quality of work. Every client escalation is considered in performance reviews that happen weekly. This measures the pulse on the accuracy of data flowing through our system.
Each caseworker is measured based on accuracy, speed, and responsiveness to our internal priority system. As a result of consistent review layers, Telegenisys was able to reduce the case reject rate from 6.8 % to less than 3 %. This means our clients have less case management to do and we are able to deliver more value.

HIPAA compliant data entry

Telegenisys developed HIPAA compliance checklists early in the process and over the first three years moved to an external audit of the HIPAA compliance process. Our Privacy Officer ensures frequent and exhaustive audits of HIPAA compliance. The system we have designed is based on awareness training, procedure development, compliance monitoring and exception reporting. Systematizing the process has allowed us to extend our accounting audit process to cover HIPAA elements. This integrates the process of delivering quality with speed.

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