Back office services outsourcing help reduce carbon footprint

Back office services outsourcing help reduce carbon footprint

August 25, 2009

It is a proven fact that back office services outsourcing helps organizations in reducing operational and management costs, but very few know that this also helps businesses in reducing co2 output or carbon footprint as it globally known. Epa that is united states environmental protection agency introduced the clear air act in 1970/1977 that issues rules, regulations to control carbon pollution and improve public health and welfare. It addresses the climate change and health hazards by making and issuing regulations for businesses to deploy technologies, processes and systems that would in turn help in reducing carbon emission.

Many businesses are now aware of the dangerous consequences of carbon emission and the signs of ever increasing global warming. Many organizations are now working voluntarily towards contributing in reduce overall carbon footprint through innovative steps, one of them being office services outsourcing. One may wonder how office services outsourcing can really help in reducing carbon footprint since the same activity will be done by some another company at another location somewhere in the world at a different location thus resulting into overall global carbon emission.

Best practices and optimum utilization of resources

But this is not the case in reality. One business process outsourcing company can handle back office services outsourcing for 10 different companies at a one location. While otherwise, 10 different companies would have handled their own processes at their own 10 different locations resulting in more usage of resources. When outsourced, these activities can be undertaken at one location thus reducing the carbon emission to a large extent.

Back office operations require electricity, computers, printers, paper and other electrical equipment that generates carbon footprint in large quantity. Manufacturers of these devices and equipments are forced to produce more thus resulting in more carbon emission. You can simply check the electricity bill of your back office and judge how much carbon your office must be emitting in the process unknowingly contributing to carbon footprint.

Back office services outsourcing firms are established in a way to assist different clients using limited resources without additional investment in assets and equipments. They are known for using advanced technologies and systems and processes that help them to reduce the costs and investments while providing maximum services under one roof to numerous clients. Business process outsourcing companies not only are assisting global companies in smooth functioning of their businesses cost effectively but also indirectly helping organizations them in reducing their carbon footprint.


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