Charitable giving

Telegenisys strives to contribute to a society that is healthy, educated, environmentally safe and productive. In 2015 telegenisys…

Is helping create yoga text books for charitable organizations.

In 2014 and 2015 telegenisys helped electronically publish more than 50 books which are digitally available from the nonprofits that own them. We did this without charge and used our technical experts to reformat and secure content.

Providing hosting services and specialized media servers to church groups.

Telegenisys has supported nonprofits for the last two decades with server platforms which it manages. These are used to deliver live webcasts, digital enhanced content, textbooks, and web sites.

Our 2015 charitable giving program is being further developed to support:

  • Wounded warriors returning from our wars.

  • Feeding children in need worldwide.

  • Helping environmental conservancy worldwide.

As we develop these programs in the first quarter please do come back to find out more.


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