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Data Capture Services

Data Capture

Data capture refers to the transfer of content and data to an electronic file or a computer. The procedure starts with the collection of data from various sources such as questionnaires and survey response. Common methods of data capture include batch keying, tally charts analysis, optical character readers such as bar code scanners and so on. Our firm offers data capture services and management in:

  • Data Entry Keying, Re-keying
  • OCR & Image Scanning
  • ‘Click & Capture’ Entry Systems
  • Internet Data Mining
  • Electronic File Conversions from to any format

Data Entry Keying, Re-keying:

Data Capture ProcessTelegenisys’ experience in the data capture processes makes it possible to offer its customers the   most accurate methods available for converting hard copy content bases into value-added, search able   documents. Our accuracy rates can reach as high as 98%.


OCR & Image Scanning:

OCR and Image ScanningTelegenisys will show great acumen in OCR & Image Scanning techniques and offers the best   cost-  effective solutions. OCR – Optimal Character Recognition is converting hard copy into search able   e -content when high accuracy is not needed. Image Scanning is used to convert graphics or text into a non-search able electronic form.

‘Click & Capture’ Entry Systems

Click & Capture, using OCR technology and software validation, allows for the automated capture of content from one content source for insertion into another – without operator keystrokes.

Internet data capture systems

Human and Automated search, data capture methods are used to get information from news articles and other sources from the Internet for merging into the client content base.

Electronic File Conversion

Telegenisys converts data seamlessly from any one electronic format into another electronic format, regardless of the application required.

  • XML/HTML/SGML Content Coding
  • Content Based Attribute assignment
  • Hyperlink Assignment
  • Indexing & Abstracting

Telegenisys uses a variety of innovative data conversion and enhancement applications complemented with established methodologies and workflow procedures to deliver highly accurate data entry and database building solutions.

XML/HTML/SGML Content Coding

Telegenisys’ experience in e-publishing makes it possible to convert large volumes of source data into high-value XML-compliant databases. Other output formats include, HTML and PDF.

Content Based Attribute Assignment

Telegenisys not only offers conversion of large volumes of data or content but also analyzes the data using both automated processes and editorial staff in order to assign client specified attributes to the data, allowing for easier and more specific data searching.

Hyperlink Assignment

Value-added processes are used to enhance XML, or HTML content by providing instant linking between separated data elements. Assignment is performed during the content conversion process.

Indexing & Abstracting

Teams of highly educated professionals summarize and classify captured data in a range of disciplines.

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