Data creation and management services

Telegenisys has been creating databases and maintaining them for over two decades. Our data creation methods are customization to your need and we provide very effective solutions for:

Collection of data from the internet

Telegenisys has several products and customized research capabilities. Our teams regularly do contact information updates, develop a database of prospects and marketing contacts, qualify and analyze data on the internet for our clients. A sample of our work in this area:

  • Created one of the largest known lists of it executives involved in sap deployments with several hundred thousand executives with current contact information.

  • Created a database of over 100,000 reporters and story writers.

  • Built a database of over 100,000 editorial opportunities in journals.

  • Maintained data and inventory of over 60,000 hotel products.

  • Developed Wikipedia style data for articles related to travel.

  • Built product descriptions for a large number of pharma products.

  • Developed a list of specialists using specific kinds of equipment in ophthalmology.

  • Developed a list of contacts involved in corporate security.

  • Generated several lists of people involved in responding to govt. Reps.

These are a small fraction of the kind of work we have done for our clients.

Data collection and surveys

We have worked for several firms on data collection. We specialize in HIPAA compliant data collection as well. Our clients range from insurance companies to retail stores.
Some of the work we have done:

  1. Customer surveys, both by voice and scanned.

  2. Medical records retrieval including validation of requests for legal compliance.

  3. Surveys of law enforcement agencies to identify the responsibility of the contact.

  4. Verification of sales calls to ensure compliance.

These projects offer an example of the work we have done in data collection and surveys.

Gis / spatial data creation and management

If you need to create your own spatial data from addresses, phone numbers, or even contact research we can provide you and effective solution. From georeferencing images, importing GPS data, geocoding to joining these data sets we develop a complete solution for your needs.
Our job is to find the quickest and most accurate way to get this done and provide you with an unparalleled outsourcing advantage to do the work faster, better, and more effectively. If you prefer to do it yourself here is a good reference for you.

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