Data Integrity in healthcare

Data integrity in healthcare

Best practices to prevent common ehr errors

Our free guide shows how to prevent corruption of electronic health records (ehr) caused by human and automated errors. If you use ehr to manage care, and you should, then you owe it to your patients to ensure that their records are kept in shape.

A case of mistaken identity
up to half of all medical record requests can return incorrect or incomplete information. We show how to format your requests and what to watch out for in the responses.

Asking the wrong facility
we show how to do facility research so your request isn’t automatically matched to a facility the patient has never interacted with.

Problems with hastily scanned records
data quality has suffered from the rush to get old paper documents into electronic form. We show what to watch out for in these hasty scans and how to correct them.

Take advantage of our experience, for free
telegenisys has provided quality control for millions of health records for more than a decade. In that time we’ve standardized best practices to ensure that decisions are made on the correct health data.

Vendor relations manager at a major client:
“for data entry, medical records collection and sorting telegenisys provides detailed, accurate and timely reports for each deliverable and meets its sla commitments for production and quality.”

Enterprise marketing manager at a major client:
“across our organization, telegenisys is tasked with various priority initiatives which at any given time can change. The task management by their team is organized, responsive and the team always delivers when high priority projects are needed in a short amount of time.”

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