Database creation

Handling over 60,000 records a month, telegenisys has the scaleability and focus to do medical records retrieval right. We validate each request for compliance and then send it on to the medical facility rapidly. With cycle times being of critical concern our systems are automated to do this correctly and quickly. By maintain a database of medical facilities we know who handles medical records, typical turn around times, best time to call and who to ask for to get results from medical facilities. We understand the challenges of calling a part time doctors office just as well as we understand the nuances of dealing with large hospital and hmo rules. A fully automated tracking system tracks and prompts our specialists to follow up till the job is accomplished. Our job is to get you the records accurately and rapidly. We understand it and we deliver.

In addition to this we provide record sorting and electronic record conversion.

Telegenisys has designed its process for zero error tolerance and delivers with reliability and precision.

Records management services

Medical records retrieval services include
  • Status call records retrieval of attending physician statements
  • Claims retrieval
  • Service plus
  • Data research services

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