Document scanning and sorting

Document scanning

Telegenisys inc. is one of the leading companies offering document scanning and sorting services to clients from North America, Europe and Australia. Most top ranking banks, hospitals and other medium and large businesses in these countries prefer to outsource their workload through documentation services.

Sometimes it just becomes impossible to manage important records and other documents for many organizations due to which many of them resorted to digitizing them. They then found out that they needed special equipments and trained personnel to scan, organize and secure the information that was generated. This measure seemed to focus away from the predetermined business goals, which not only clashed with the primary objectives but also proved to be rather expensive.

Outsourcing their work to reputed companies like Telegenisys inc. through document scanning services proved to be the only way out. Converting the important documents into electronic data helps out in the long run so that the companies can get easy access to data and update them whenever necessary.

Document sorting

When it comes to document sorting, Telegenisys inc. helps out its clients by enabling them to capture/get access to their work easily without going through the mammoth task of looking for the document papers all day. Latest technologies in optical character recognition [ocr] systems enable us to accurately capture data faster than manual entry.Fully Integrated OCR system feeds, reads, and sorts data. The sophisticated software differentiates between images and text, each character is analyses and changed to electronic ASCII code. The core data is then checked manually and validated.

Large volumes of data can be handled while reducing entry errors. Different types of typewritten and typeset documents are recognized and converted to digital data making document scanning and sorting an important aspect to be adhered to. All content is converted to search able documents with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Telegenisys’ advanced document scanning and sorting service will seamlessly convert your data from one electronic format to another regardless of the application. Our core competence in capturing data from various file formats and mediums and converting it accurately into value added search able document is appreciated by our ever-growing client list.


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