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Telegenisys india pvt. Ltd., specializes in providing business process outsourcing solutions for medium sized companies worldwide. Telegenisys is not just a bpo provider, but also a reliable partner who promises to make valuable difference to its clients’ business. It is bent on enhancing its partners’ competitive advantage and profitability. A medley of cost effective, flexible and viable solutions is what we offer our partners. At no point of time our clients are under the impression that they are outsourcing to us, as, an extended enterprise is the image we portray. Co sourcing and not outsourcing is our motto. With an in depth knowledge of international markets and possession of a strong on the ground presence in india, we promise you significant cost savings, and improve and maintain the quality of service delivery.

Our philosophy and motto

Our philosophy is to mould ourselves as an extension of our clients’ service arm, understand their business and relate to them as we would relate to ourselves. Our motto is that we believe in being a responsible service provider and pay unswerving attention to the finer details of our clients’ core needs

Our vision our vision is to achieve the seven f’s of being focused, fast, flexible, friendly, fair, futuristic and first class.

Our capabilities

We have an impressive infrastructure with the latest hardware and software facilities. Our hardware facilities are regularly upgraded and can accommodate large volumes without any constraints. Our software team uses custom as well as customized software to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

A culture of quality

Telegenisys is a quality driven organization. Our in depth understanding of business processes and applications enable us to provide you with remarkable quality, which will induce you to come back to us every time you think of rendering quality service to your customers. Flexibility in our approach, keeping your success in focus is our prime objective.

Operational procedure

We at Telegenisys follow a robustly defined operational procedure to ensure process integrity and minimize inherent outsourcing risks. We help clients establish the right outsourcing strategy, and help them in devising a plan to implement the strategy and de-risking the plan to ensure success.

  1. Pre analysis :- at this stage, we try and understand clients’ business, identify outsource opportunities, assess requirements, review environment and confirm validity.
  2. Analysis:- for analyzing, we gather documentation, identify solution and costing, confirm and validate with client and prepare the process implementation plan.
  3. Transition management:- at this juncture, we adapt process plan, emulate client process, document operating plan, and confirm performance requirements.

Technology infrastructure

  • Ivr systems
  • Routers and data switches from cisco with built in redundancies
  • Servers from compaq in redundant configuration
  • Softwares from microsoft
  • Redundant local area network
  • Uninterrupted ups and generator backup
  • International private leased circuit
  • Data leased line with isdn backup for internet connectivity
  • Mvip- multi vendor integration protocol telecommunication bus
  • Systems architecture to deploy productive systems

Back office services

  • Inventory operations
  • Process orders.
  • Data entry
  • Process ordersdata conversion
  • Process ordersprocessing payroll
  • Process ordersquick book accounting
  • Process ordersaccounting services

Contact center

  • Customer care/ support
  • Product support
  • Collections
  • Outright help desk
  • Inbound/outbound campaigns
  • Outbound call
  • Telemarketing
  • Chat, emailing, fax services
  • Lead generation

Web based services

  • Web designing
  • On line sales & marketing
  • Supporting e- commerce transactions
  • Designing brochures

Knowledge based services

  • Data mining
  • Research
  • Data management

Leadership team the Telegenisys’ leadership team is a blend of experts from diverse backgrounds. Throughout their careers at some of the most established firms in the world, their hallmark has been exceptional achievement. Our leaders are committed to build a top-notch organization capable of delivering best of breed solutions bringing sustainable value to customers.

Advantages of outsourcing to us

We at Telegenisys focus on core competence, so that you can concentrate on the critical aspect that runs your organization. We enable you to free your resources and focus on strategy. Guaranteed quality assurance is what we assure you at Telegenisys. Critical cost advantages as a result of our dependable, time tested systems and processes add up to your bottom line, making it worthwhile. We alleviate risks through the use of dynamic service delivery methodology and top class hr practices. We also have high security data storage, data back up and recovery. Besides, we also have a disaster recovery plan.

Our values

At telegenisys we portray integrity, transparency, passion for quality, hard work and team play, learning and innovation, empathy and humility.

The Telegenisys promise

With a focus on customer intimacy, process innovation and operational excellence, Telegenisys promises to enhance the business performance and create business value for its customers at a reduced cost of ownership.

Benchmarks in performance

The Telegenisys team has set new benchmarks in performance. Apart from cost reduction, we have benefited significantly from a customer satisfaction and value addition perspective.

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