How we develop content?

The success of your on line business depends on the effective content that would not only bring the targeted traffic to your site but also make it a popular site. According to a research conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), one of the largest market research organizations, 72% of web-user satisfaction is attributed to the quality of website content. The same research also concluded that 98% of satisfied users end up recommending the websites they liked to others, making word-of-mouth to be more important than search engine rankings to increase your traffic and consequently the ROI.
Telegenisys Inc. has a team of dedicated, professional and experienced content writers. Whether you want keyword rich, quality content for your websites or informative articles for your on line encyclopedia, our team of content writers can make a value-added contribution to your business.
We have diverse experience in web content writing, ranging from writing profiles for a ‘people search’ company to product reviews for our client. Our team of writers has also been part of a project that involved writing travel logs on select destinations for our client as well as writing keyword rich content for an on line encyclopedia.
We like to work in close association with our clients right from the initial stages of project planning.
Our content development process involves:
1) Defining the project scope by working in close association with the client.
2) Researching information related to the client’s needs.
3) Writing initial drafts to help work out a style document as per client specifications.
4) Writing final content in accordance with the accepted specifications.
5) Quality control to ensure that the content is free from plagiarism as well as in accordance with the SLA.
6) Adhering to set targets and timely delivery of content.
Our endeavor is to understand the scope of your projects and help you make it a very affordable and worthwhile investment so that you reap the benefits long after the project has been completed.

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