Technical support outsourcing

Technical support outsourcing

Telegenisys realizes that the quality of technical support is an integral part of the product evaluation for a consumer. We consider it a mission critical function and our own A+ BBB rating shows how committed we are to our customers.
We provide a range of services that support technology products such as blue tooth headsets, smart phones, picture frames, media players, software, VOIP phones and a wide variety of other technical products.

Technical support via voice calls

We offer installation, break-fix, managed services, help desk and a variety of support solutions for technology products. Our services can be delivered into a multi-tiered environment with well coordinated handling of tier 1, tier 2 and coordination management for tier 3 support. We frequently use remote desktop management to provide hands on support. We also support knowledge base creation using youtube movies and walk through.

Medical abstracts & life certificates – life underwriting processes

Well composed abstracts are used in making presentations at meetings, complex underwriting, scientific research among other uses. Due to such specific use a good abstract is a challenging undertaking but it’s possible to condense thousands of pages into a 2-3 page abstract. Abstracts are carefully designed documents which serve insurance, pharma research, advanced clinical diagnosis and legal purposes.

We first examine client needs and develop example formats which meet the purpose. These needs help define the rules used for future abstracts and form the basis of the process we use to develop future medical abstracts. While some users define rules like length and form of presentation, telegenisys also has a database of abstracts for various uses which our process engineers use to develop work models.

Insurance users generally prefer abstracts to provide an overview of the patient, timeline of major medical interventions followed by condition by condition analysis of factors that may affect longevity.

Reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you in developing medical documents that are easily usable and save you time. Our medical staff is available to review abstracts produced if desired.

Email technical support

Right from web site form management to responsiveness tracking we offer a mature email support solution. Using extensive Knowledge bases and standardized response template our professionals respond to 75% or more messages within an hour under normal circumstances. We staff solutions to required responsiveness and have pools to draw from to ensure peak volume management. You can get a rapid and responsive solution from Telegenisys that your clients will come to appreciate you for.

IM / chat technical support

We deploy both our custom chat solutions and well known industry help desks to support your product. You can choose weather the support is sales assistance or product assistance, in either case we promise to exceed your expectations. We study quality one message response at a time not at a complete solution level. You can therefore avoid lack of responsiveness comments from your users.

Knowledge base Creation / Technical writing

We frequently organize or create knowledge bases for new and existing products. Contact us for a quote on doing it for you. We specialize in walk through and video productions for your clients. With years of experience in technical support writing we can create better manuals that anticipate client problems and provide supporting off manual media. Contact us for a knowledgeable consultation.

Multi tiered support

We are specialists at Multi-tiered support. We will document support phases and resolutions and peg performance metrics on tier management so that customers are better served. Weather we manage and staff one tier or more you can expect that we will keep focus on customer satisfaction.
Typically we provide:

  • Level 1 Technical Support
  • Level 2 Technical Support
  • Level 3 Escalation Management

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