Medical chronology structured data export support

Rapid medical record navigation
medical record chronologies feature an overview page that provides a quick view of the patient. Regardless of the size of the medical record, this one page provides chronological view of disease impairments, medical providers seeing the patient with a chronology of visits, general chronology of all events, direct navigation of labs and radiology reports along with general information on mobility and recent vitals readings. Within minutes our users are able to get a detailed picture of the patient and they can decide what information they want to explore further.

Medical database with every chronology
as part of creating the medical technology, we convert pdfs into medical databases that can be compared, linked directly to pdf records using our unique external linking technology. Sort events, drug chronologies, disease chronologies and custom term chronologies at will and always be able to link any index to the medical record in less than a second. Unimaginable power to visualize medical records for one person or entire groups.

Structured data allows our clients to safe harbor data by removing identification information in minutes so that mass tort case or drug research cases can be compared in incredible detail.

Chronological data can be graphed for presentations, court exhibits or medical visualization models. Unlike medical system output, the data in our medical chronologies is from a variety of sources from ambulance records, discharge documents to pharmacy and other records. This unified view ordered chronologically provides a clear view of what is going on with the patient in more detail than generally available.

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