Outsourcing excellence

The term ‘outsourcing’ is structured around the concept of transferring the ownership of a business process to a supplier. The term is distinct from usual business relationships wherein the buyer keeps control of the processes and merely controls the way the supplier completes the work. Once an organization out sources a business operation to a supplier, it loses the ownership of a process and focuses instead on communicating and monitoring the supplier’s performance based on the type of results it expects from the process. Outsourcing can be successful when the result expected is fully communicated to the outsourcing firm and the interests of both parties are aligned.

By outsourcing a task to us, an organization will be able to concentrate on revenue-critical efforts such as marketing to customers and image building in the market. Gradually, more time and opportunity becomes available for procedures and tasks to satisfy the customer and achieve the primary objective of the firm. We guarantee that by outsourcing a business operation to our dedicated BPO your organization will have no reason to worry about the process logistics and timing and stay more focused on other crucial operations. Telegenisys will also help improve statutory compliance of the operation dramatically. Our experienced team of managers and leaders will address the scope of an organization’s requirements, tactical plans and strategic policies and thereby allow improved productivity of that business operation. Outsourcing an entire operation to us instead of isolated tasks will increase the scope of optimization and re-engineering for greater profitability.

Telegenisys provides outsourcing services to the following industries:

Automobile dealers
utility companies
mortgage companies
retail stores
real estate offices
health care providers
hospitality & travel industry
garment industry
gems and jewels
freight companies

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