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Telegenisys’ role in HIPAA compliant case work

Telegenisys assures its clients that their outsourced services will be handled with precision and unparalleled quality. We engineer every work process carefully, designing every element to meet and exceed client expectations. Our teams are selected and trained to deliver precision and service excellence.All of the data handled by Telegenisys is processed in a ZERO DEFECT environment. Every team member in Telegenisys signs a pledge that ensures they only do work they understand and can deliver reliably. This is confirmed by external audit of its HIPAA compliance policies and procedures annually.

Mature process with iso certifications

Where many organizations have been challenged to properly secure their data, telegenisys has instituted physical, technical and administrative safeguards to ensure that your organization’s data is safe from all unauthorized access. This includes all forms of medical records and electronic private health information. Our iso certifications bear testimony to our unwavering commitment to quality and data security. Telegenisys continuously audits its procedures while submitting to annual external audits by third party professional audit organizations. We are certified to comply with iso 9001 standards for process quality and iso 27001 standards for data security. Our clients can expect fully documented process results where daily work is audited, measured and evaluated continuously.

Our work process is highly evolved and mature. We demonstrate daily that our clients are in good hands. Each instruction and work procedure or process flow modification is documented. Documentation is maintained in secure intranets and always available to each team member so even when requirements change daily, our people can be confident that they have current instructions. Each team member undergoes a hipaa evaluation annually. We ensure through law enforcement and databases that our people are responsible and qualified to do the work they are assigned.

Collaboration & process documentation

Using high quality collaboration tools like Slack ( and Asana ( we manage projects and discussions in a fully audited and documented environment. Our clients can always manage work and plan resources without feeling the distance of remote outsourced operation. These processes are necessary because Telegenisys handles private health information (PHI) for over 60,000 cases per month.

HIPAA compliance

All the above qualifications make Telegenisys a prime candidate for projects involving confidential patient data. Any healthcare provider or medical biller can trust Telegenisys will comply with HIPAA in all situations. The time and attention that would have been spent on ensuring that Telegenisys is conducting its operations in a HIPAA compliant manner can be spent ensuring that documents are processed with peak efficiency and quality.

HIPAA compliance can be a long and complex process that is crucial to the successful operation of any successful business in the healthcare field. To ensure compliance with HIPAA laws, Telegenisys is externally audited every year.

We look forward to partnering with you to provide the highest level of quality and security for your projects.

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