Skills gap

Skills gap: Filling the skills gap or bridging it?

I’m Henry J. Cobb, chief technology and security officer for Telegenisys. I wear both hats because it’s my job to ensure our clients get their processes done effectively, efficiently and securely.

What is the skills gap?

That’s been defined as the difference between what companies need and the skills available to them in the market. The skills gap has been seen as a real problem and not some phantom conjured up to serve as a bargaining tactic for labor contracts. American companies really are hurting for a lack of talent that limits their efficiency and expansion.

What caused this gap?

Some sources blame an industrial age education pipeline that’s ill suited to the new information age economy while others blame a new generation of Americans who are unmotivated to work. But the skills gap isn’t just a problem in the USA. Even Asia is facing a looming skills gap.

So given that it’s a global problem, how can your company adapt and bridge the skills gap?

  • Can’t hire locally – That’s the definition of the skills gap. You simply can’t hire.
  • Can’t train in house – This is a basic skills gap. On the job training just won’t cut it.
  • Can’t outsource or subcontract – Your subcontractor or outsourcer won’t do much better at matching the skills specific to your company’s needs that you can’t find.

Don’t fill the skills gap, bridge it.

  • Leverage, don’t replace existing workforce.- You already have a core team with a deep understanding of how your business works.
  • Step back from the heroic effort cliff. Your employees may claim that they’re committed to putting in the extra effort to get the job done. But they can only spend so many late nights fixing up rush orders before that well runs dry.
  • Get employees to focus on the jobs they’ve aspired to. Your workers got to their positions by following their dreams, but are the tasks that eat up their days really what they’ve signed up to do?
  • You need experts who can spot underskill time. You’ve paid a great price to have the right skills available, and then your highly skilled employees spend most of their time simply lining up marbles to take the shot.

Since 1994, Telegenisys has helped unload the routine tasks from our clients so that their employees are freed up to do the extraordinary. That’s our expertise.

Don’t do it twice, do it right the first time.

By outsourcing the 80% of the task that is underskill for the position, we’re able to make reliable, audited, repeatable processes. When mistakes occur these are quickly caught and the lessons learned become part of the process and the audit. Rather than having each employee learn each problem by themselves the entire process learns and adapts. As a result your employees don’t have to waste time checking for the same things every time.

Regular order for higher security.

Our production facility is locked down and paperless. This doesn’t maximize creativity, but then again our agents simply don’t have the high end skillset that your core team does. The advantage of having the bulk of your work passing through a tightly defined pipeline is that there’s less exposure for leaks. Sending the back end process out of your office makes it innately more secure.

Why Telegenisys?

  • You need a trusted reliable partner
  • Over two decades of dependable service
  • ISO and HIPAA certifications
  • The right choice for bridging the skills gap.

Call or email me today so I can show you how we can right skill your process

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