Technical writing services

Organizations creating great products need to effectively communicate to the targeted audience about their products and technology. It is essential to disseminate information about the products features and benefits to prospective buyers and existing customers. To do this organizations have to create a technical document that is readable, accurate, and helpful to its targeted audience. To get the desired results after presentation, it is important that the information communicated is credible. Well presented and well written information about the product and technology is as important as the product itself and this can be achieved by outsourcing technical writing services.

Professional technical writers understand product information, product technology and effectively present it in an organized, simple, and lucid manner to the targeted audience.

Why outsource technical writing services?

Today, most intelligent organizations outsource technical writing to offshore companies offering technical writing services.  This Is more preferable than hiring technical writers, as organizations not only save on human resources but can leverage the investments, human resources, technologies, and methodologies of companies offering technical writing services and editing services. Telegenisys inc is one of the premier service providers trusted by clients all over the world for outsourcing technical writing tasks. Telegenisys has a team of highly trained professional technical writers capable of understanding the most complex technologies and reproducing the same in simple organized and lucid manner.

Telegenisys has a fully equipped set up to handle the most complex technical writing projects. Our teams of technical writers have access to the latest tools in hardware such as scanners, laser printers, cd writers, video recording and editing setup, projectors, dat drive etc. Database software such as oracle, ms access, and ms sql are used. Some Of the projects done by telegenisys for their clients include :

  • White papers on industrial ceramics, home theater systems, hdtv, and printing machines.

  • User guides

  • Promotional literature

  • Training manuals

  • Case studies

A well-designed user guide will improve the user’s understanding of the technology and the product. Ever so often, users don’t use certain advanced features of the product because they are unaware of it. A well designed help manual or user guide will help them learn and use that particular feature thus giving them more value for their money.
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