Get Complete Medical Event Chronology in TWO business days for $75 + 15 cents/page
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Get Complete Medical Event Chronology in TWO Business Days with MedLawXpress Program for Personal Injury and Malpractice Law Firms

Are you spending days reviewing complex medical records and piecing together timelines? Say goodbye to that struggle!  Telegenisys’ MedLawXPress Program delivers precise, concise and hyperlinked medical event chronologies within just TWO business days, freeing you to focus on what truly matters: winning cases for your clients.


Boost your practice with the MedLawXpress Program

Slash review time by 70%

Our complete medical event chronologies that translate mountains of paperwork into easy-to-understand timelines, saving you precious hours.

Handle 30% more cases with confidence

Take on additional clients knowing you have clear, organized medical records at your fingertips.

Win 15% more cases

Our in-depth analysis provides a strategic edge with data-driven insights and hidden details.

Impress clients and build trust

Explain complex medical issues with ease, fostering stronger relationships and improving satisfaction by 20%.

Experience the Difference

Dedicated medical data review

by doctors.

Advanced analytics and insights

Uncover hidden details and potential red flags to strengthen your arguments.

Clear, concise summaries

After getting a rapid event chronology, event summary, and analytics spreadsheet with timeline charts within TWO business days, get a a medical record summary written by our medical experts with crucial information and timelines at a glance within FIVE business days, saving you valuable time.

Customized solutions

Choose from over 100 chronology formats or customize one.

Example Images

Special Offer!

Stop letting medical records slow you down. Get started now and unlock your true potential! Get your first complete event chronology and analysis of medical records within TWO business days, followed by a full report within FIVE business days all before you pay!

Invest in your success with affordable pricing

All DOS medical chronology

Faster case assessments: Pay only $75 per case + 15 cents per page (e.g. only  $150 for a 500-page medical records) within two business days, and get:

  • Complete medical event chronology
  • Hyperlinked and catagorical references for disease mentions, medical providers, recent vitals, radiology and lab reports.
  • Analytics spreadsheet with timeline charts and dashboard to query medical record
  • Auto-generated summary


Medical summary by medical experts

Faster record reviews: Pay only $75 per case + 33 cents per page (e.g. only $240 for a 500-page record) within five business days, and get:

  • Everything mentioned in all DOS medical chronology, plus
  • Medical record summaries with hyperlinks and key facts by written by our medical experts.


Don’t wait! Get started with the MedLawXpress program today and experience the power of simple, fast medical insights!

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys is your dedicated medical data partner, passionate about empowering legal professionals to succeed. We transform complex medical records into clear, actionable summaries, giving you the edge you need to win more cases and impress your clients.

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