Traffic data

Traffic data is the simplest element of managing traffic data, but it is also the most cumbersome because there is a lot of it. While it isn’t nearly as complex as a simulation or as clear as traffic information, traffic data contains everything you need to know in a raw format. You need to be able to review it and understand how much of it should be entered to get the most accurate results.

Dealing with traffic data can seem like an overwhelming task because it includes everything related to roads, such as traffic flow and volume, accidents, monitoring, and infrastructure changes. This is where you really need an additional expert to comb through all of the data to determine how much you need and what is unnecessary.

More often than not when you start a project, your client will hand you a bunch of data that may or may not be organized in a way that you can easily interpret. This is where our teams are very beneficial. We pride ourselves on getting data organized so that you can start reviewing and analyzing to figure out what you still need.

Once you know what data you are missing, there are many different ways to collect the data. In addition to monitoring, you can review images and request additional information from local, state, and federal agencies.

Whatever state your data is in and regardless of the methods used to retrieve the data, we can help you sort through it to categorize it to meet all of the different analysis, planning, and simulation needs. Our experts have years of experience with different data tools and know how to both use and augment these tools to get the data you need to get started.

For analysis projects requiring video analysis, aerial photo analysis (such as counting or tracking cars on images), GIS data creation and traffic model database creation services contact us at Telegenisys. As an ISO certified operation we can assure you highly accurate superior results.

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