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Web analytics can be described as the collection and analysis of data related to website usage that helps site managers optimize and further promote their online business. It can be used for the optimization of different aspects related to business generation via websites such as website content, site process designs, media and promotional mix, merchandising, and measuring the site’s sensitivity with different internet search engines.

Return on investment (ROI) analysis :

Earlier, web analytics was used only for tracking the number of visitors that a website had in a given time frame. However, this technique had many shortcomings, as website visits often did not result in sales generation. These shortcomings have been overcome with the development of advanced web analytics tools that have moved away from raw data reporting and instead concentrate on business reporting such as return on investment (ROI) analysis, process analysis, marketing campaign analysis, and many more.

The main objective of commercial websites is to attract customers and persuade them to buy online. In such websites, web analytics tools help you understand how customers got to your site, the pages they viewed, the product they purchased, and more. Web analytics helps in understanding user behavior by tracking user movement within the website and monitoring his activities. By using web analytics tools, you will be able to gather information about the most frequented web pages, the entry and exit web pages, and other information that defines behavioral traits of the user. You will also be able to check the workability of all the web pages within your website. You can use all this information to determine the areas of your website that are most popular and the areas that receive little or no traffic at all. Based on this, you can make the necessary changes in order to create a better user experience.

Web analytics will help you boost your search engine rankings, improve the overall usability of the website, and increase the volume of sales by converting visitors to buyers. Apart from these, it will help you determine the bounce rate and dropout rate of your web site. A bounce is a situation wherein a visitor visits a site but closes the site soon after, without visiting other web pages within the site. Dropout on the other hand is a situation wherein the visitor reaches the product web page but does not actually click the ‘buy’ button. Bounce and dropout rates will help you understand the reasons behind visits not being converted into sales. Without these tools, you will not be able to compete successfully with other websites that duly employ web analytics tools and take away a major portion of your online business.

Web analytics tool :
web analytics service outsourcing | offshore web analytics services

Before selecting a web analytics tool for your website, it is important to understand that although these tools provide information about what users are doing, they do not suggest why they are doing it. This makes it necessary to purchase and use a web analytical tool that has and uses attitudinal customer data for generating reports that are more accurate. It is recommended that you use a browser-based analytical tool since it will help you in measuring the exact number of people visiting your website. In comparison, reports generated by log-based tools include the multitude of email harvesters, search engines, and other software generated crawlers that are counted as ‘visitors’. This will result in the generation of inaccurate reports and give a false measurement of the total number of visitors coming to your site.

Web analytics certainly helps in website optimization, but you should note that the process is gradual and improvements are made only after following the three predetermined processes such as tracking, analyzing and optimizing. You should also note that web analytics is a continuous process and is not related to making drastic changes to the website. The most important thing that you need to do is to constantly monitor the effect of site changes on the website’s main objective, which is mainly related to customer retention or conversion.

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