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B2C Telemarketing Services

B2C Telemarketing Services

b2c telemarketing

Telegenisys Inc provides comprehensive and all-inclusive B2C Telemarketing Services solutions for organizations in North America. Our expertise and core competence lies in developing and putting into practice B2B and B2C Telemarketing Services, telesales, lead generation, and market research solutions. Some of our other core competencies include call center services, data entry, records retrieval services, accounting services, content management  and back office services.  To achieve this objective Telegenisys has put together the very best in technologies, processes, and human resources. Telegenisys effectively handles Business2Customer telemarketing campaigns for organization of any size, right from start-ups to peak period demands of major telecom companies. Telegenisys has all that is required in place to deliver according to the client’s needs.


B2C Telemarketing Services

Telegenisys has the capability to offer its client programs that generate revenue and improve service. Outbound b2c telemarketing services includes Telesales (new customer acquisition, subscription renewals, up-sell and cross-sell), Order taking, Customer Profiling, Dealer Recruitment, New product launch, Lead generation and lead processing.

Our experienced and motivated phone agents effectively serve as our clients extended sales and marketing departments acquiring new customers, cross-selling and up-selling, and manage assigned territories.

Phone agents having a high degree of business and technical acumen gain key market intelligence by effectively probing the customer’s needs and interests and offer appropriate benefits.

All B2C telemarketing services programs are monitored to identify shift in market trends and suitable changes are made to ensure consistent quality and results. Every agent’s work is monitored and reviewed continuously by Quality Assurance personnel and Account managers to ensure SLA compliance.

If you are looking to start a new customer service department or re-engineer your existing marketing and sales operation or looking for a reliable partner in outsourcing your call center operations, Telegenisys is more than geared for the challenge when it comes to B2C telemarketing Services.

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