B2B telemarketing services

B2b telemarketing services

B2b telemarketing services for sales, appointment setting, lead generation and other services. Telegenisys has a clear-cut mission: filling your pipeline by generating qualified and realistic leads for your sales professional to close deals in b2b telemarketing services by offering premium features. Telegenisys is proud to have a team of highly qualified, trained and motivated b2b telemarketing professionals to generate potential business leads that are converted to customers.

B2b leads – get appointments with decision makers

Our peers in the outsourcing services industry envy telegenisys’ extensive marketing experience in outbound telemarketing. Our forte is generating b2b leads and sales, and sales consulting. apart from other areas of specialization such as customer support, technical support & services, records retrieval services, back office services and many more. The fact that our telemarketing process is imitated by many of our peers is a testimony of our position in the industry.

Telegenisys commitment and the expertise of its highly motivated and dedicated Business2Business Telemarketing professionals are responsible for setting us apart from the rest.

How are our b2b telemarketing services different?

Telegenisys strives to ensure that your order book is full of leads by introducing your solutions, educating prospects and disseminating your product information. Our approach involves strategizing, market research and integrated marketing communication this results in a higher rate of lead conversion to actual deal closures. Telegenisys has developed unique process and technologies to deliver a quantifiable return on investment through b2b outsourcing.

We not only tap new business opportunities for our client but also manage existing customer relationship. Telegenisys actively participates in client growth by acting as an extension of their client’s marketing and sales department, specializing in
b2b telemarketing services.

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