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Technical Support Outsourcing

Technical Support Outsourcing

For over two decades Telegenisys has been the link connecting the dots for American businesses and their customers. We work with our clients to fit into their existing support systems or help them craft their own unique solutions. They depend on our flexible, reliable and affordable technical support to keep their businesses running smoothly.

We structure quality into every process in compliance with ISO standards. Either working as part of one layer of your overall process or taking on the entire support effort ourselves we learn as a group everyday and maintain the process documentation to ensure customer satisfaction. This allows us to respond rapidly to changing client needs.
This extra layer of management actually saves time and money for our clients over dealing with the HR issues of staffing for variable workflows in house or having to train each new freelancer themselves. To us a technical support outsourcing solution means sustained client satisfaction and delight.

Desktops and Networks

Maintaining, monitoring and securing PCs and networks since 1994.

Support Helpdesk

We bring overflow capacity for your existing services or a drop-in replacement.

Devices and Software

We support apps, desktop applications, addons and standalone devices.

Technical Documentation

Research, fact checking, proofreading of User and compliance documentation.

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