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If you are looking for immediate tech support or remote assistance with your system please click here.

Technical support

Our technical support team provides assistance internationally to our partner companies for technical issues regardless of a consumer’s location.

In today’s real-time economy, there is zero tolerance for downtime. A reaction is not enough. We help our clients predict real-time event scenarios to prevent downtime before it occurs. On our part, this translates to knowledgeable people, rock-solid infrastructure, responsive cloud implementation, constant knowledge base updates, and advanced remote tools to reach your objective.

If we are providing your company technical support service, you can be up and running with world-class support for your network, software, or hardware product in record time. Just fill out the kick start your project form on the bottom of this page and see how fast we can boost your company’s technical support capabilities

Omni tech support

Delivery methods

We provide the capability to deliver technical support to your clients by phone, e-mail, live chat, and remote-control support software through secure remote connections or other tools currently used by the client. We have experience with several ticket tracking systems and generally incorporate our clients’ systems depending on the level of customer support you request for. If required we can integrate systems into our omnichannel support currently provided through liveagent platform. We are one of the few companies willing to provide customer support on social media platforms transparently so that conversations begun on social media can evolve into satisfied long-term customers. We can track virtually any web source for comments that may cause reputation risk and handle level 1 support issues rapidly.

For companies requiring technical support, outsourcing allows them to maintain high availability of service. Such a need arises from peaks in call volumes and periods of high activity while introducing new products or maintenance service updates. Based on our experience outsourcing provides customers with a high level of service at a low cost to their business.

Telegenisys maintains a secure technical infrastructure and abundant staffing on standby, which allows clients to pool resources and thereby develop support solutions that excel.

Multi-tiered technical support

The technical support we provide can be segregated into levels, to better serve a business or customer install base. Levels are generally dependent on the solution or product we represent. Levels or tiers allow telegenisys to apply the solutions at the correct price points. Support system success is dependent on an efficient and clear escalation matrix from one tier to another. The following tier/level descriptions are a mere guideline. Solutions are adapted to each customer.

  •  knowledgebase / tier 0
    a current well-maintained knowledge base can serve tier 0 needs of a company. To be effective, the taxonomy must be simple and effective in reaching the appropriate course of action. More than 70% of the level 1 requests we serve daily could be avoided through simpler taxonomies and presentations. Users often leave self-help out of frustration resulting in more intensive tier 1 support. We can help prevent that and are prepared to continually innovate tier 0 solutions.

  • Level 1 / tier 1
    tier is our initial support level responsible for basic customer issues that require minimal research. It is the first-line support for basic level technical support functions. The first job of a tier i caseworker is to gather the customer’s information classify the underlying problem. When analyzing the symptoms our technicians identify what the customer is trying to accomplish so that time is not wasted. Level 1 caseworkers gather as much information as possible from the end-user. Once the identification of the underlying problem is established, the caseworker begins evaluating possible solutions available in process documentation. Our caseworkers are very good at verifying physical layer issues, resolving username and password problems, uninstalling/reinstalling basic software applications, verification of proper hardware and software set up, and assistance with navigating around application menus.
    Depending on the product over 70% of the technical issues can be solved in level-1.

  • Level 2 / tier 2
    level 2 provides more in-depth technical support using specially trained technicians who are more experienced and knowledgeable on a product or service. Technicians review anomaly reports (error logs, symptom diagnosis, server-side data available as part of the service among other activities to pinpoint the nature of the problem. If the problem continues to cause operation issues, then the case/incident is escalated.

  • Level 3/ tier 3
    we are available to do backend code and hardware evaluation for products that either we have developed for the customer or have working lab samples of. Level 3 support required significant training and expertise in product or software.

  • Level 4 / tier 4
    these are on-site vendor escalations which we typically do not perform but when providing level 3 support we can provide support for RMA evaluations or schedule onsite support.

Contract models

  • Call-in
    for volume clients (1000+ calls per month) we offer per call support option.

  • Block hours
    our block hours plan allows our clients the flexibility to price their support exposure and plan their budgets with precision. These block plans allow clients to purchase time blocks and authorize additional time as needed.

  • Managed services
    our flat-fee managed services assure service delivery while sealing off cost exposure for our clients. Typically, this type of contract is for mature companies with a stable service model and volumes. As a managed services provider we can develop a holistic solution for companies, so they may focus on their core competencies while provisioning support through Telegenisys.

  • Continuous update of self-help
    based on incoming support incidents we can build and update online knowledgebase with walkthrough web pages, videos as well as other self-help tools. We are constantly building and innovating ways through incident review daily.


Technical support for end-users experiencing difficulties.

Telegenisys support extends only to contracted software or hardware products. Due to our excellent reputation in resolving technical problems for our corporate clients some consumers think we can provide technical support directly. We currently have no consumer-direct technical support products available. Some companies are trying to use our reputation and name to charge consumers having difficulty for services. Telegenisys never charges credit cards and does not offer consumer-direct support.

For consumers who prefer Telegenisys technical support for their systems, please contact your corporate system or network administrator and ask them to inquire about Telegenisys’ extended support for corporate clients. We will be happy to provide corporate support to your organization which can include your work from home environment.

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