How are medical summaries useful to lawyers?

Telegenisys works on medical summaries and chronologies that also immensely help to lawyers

Medical summaries useful to lawyers

Organizing medical records into a usable medical summary for lawyers is a vastly different output than its medical counterpart for a Life Expectancy Certificate or for Insurance.
The documentation, both pre-litigation and during trial preparation, stress on the promptness of service, the efficacy and the outcome. Every record is an exhibit in its own right.

Lawyers’ medical summaries concentrate on the time when the ambulance is called, what treatment was given en route, arrival at the hospital, condition on arrival, the triage procedure, triage findings. All this is tracked to the minute reporting the patient’s conditions and improvements and documentation at the time of admission. If the document is for personal injury due to an accident then the focus of the medical summary is on the mechanism of injury, the patient’s first statement of what happened is most essential.

Medical summaries, when done properly add enormous value at trials. Advocates need medical summaries for various purposes and not just one. Medical summaries are used by lawyers for:

  • Summarizing the content of the records.
  • Preparing and presenting exhibits
  • Establishing the extent of the injury and the setback that follows
  • Respond to cross-questioning by the prosecutor or judge
  • Questioning for a deposition
  • Create a non-contestable compensation demand.

The Telegenisys medico-legal team works in coordination with both medical professionals as well as legal professionals all well trained to review the medical records and prepare medical chronologies and medical summaries as per the client’s specifications.

As we organize the records, we are able to weed out the duplicates, and other non-essential routine documents. The outcome is an accurate, easy to understand, forceful, fact-based, insightful and compelling.

If particular records or set thereof is missing this is highlighted with the rationale as to why we feel it is missing.

Value added services provided by Telegenisys

There is no need to start from scratch unless you want to.

When you use the Visualize Medical Records Application, all events are arranged chronologically by date and time from the onset to the latest available record.

The providers are referenced from over 5 Million + Health care providers with declared specialties. We verify every provider’s NPI registration and declared specialties (taxonomy codes). This helps the lawyer confirm if the healthcare provider was qualified to provide treatment to the said patient.

Every medical condition with detailed ICD 10/9 Billing code references is sourced from the CMS data tables and these show you conditions and condition history. This is the most authoritative database of its kind used for billing medical services.

Every medical abbreviation is elaborated and referenced.

FDA’s National Drug Code references. Every drug that is known to the FDA through the national DRUG CODE INDEX. You will see every mention in medical record referenced and we can provide drug use analytics.

Meta data exports from chronology tables

Every documented medical fact about the patient is in data files attached to the pdf with VMR chronologies. Our clients using legal software, EHR or any kind of database can export this patient data into their own systems for further analysis. All data referenced in the VMR is converted into a structured database. This can be exported in tables for further reference export. Files can be provided as comma-separated-values or XML/JSON files for rapid and accurate portability.

Clients working on patient groups for mass tort actions, research of groups, pharma research or any patient groupings can easily export this data for analysis and query.

When chronologies need to be updated, these databases provide the baseline to build on previous work rather than starting from a completely new set of record and paying for analysis again.

Our system is designed to reference over 500,000 medical attributes providing clear reference and categorization of medical data.

Our hyper referencing system is unique in that VMR creates bookmarks, hyperlinks, and indexes when generating the chronology. The bookmark tree allows a reviewer to swiftly move through medical records while reviewing references in a single click. He is able to move forward and back without having to scroll cumbersomely through a thousand pages.

Telegenisys offers a complete solution for the organization of your records to the creation of a comprehensive medical summary.

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