Data entry for complex and simple business processes

Data entry services

Outsourcing it services with viable logistics support for data entry and case management. Telegenisys excels in business process outsourcing of services that involve data entry. Our methods deploy carefully considered “process management support” with “complete physical and electronic data security” . Our managers construct “performance metrics” with clients at the beginning of the process and these become the backbone for the outsourced deployment of projects.
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Medical/insurance case and compliance management

For the last 6 years, telegenisys has worked for this company which serves most major life insurance carriers in us. Each insurance company sends case requests in queues, each queue has different rules and different priorities. This creates a complex performance matrix for each data source.
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Document management services

Depending on user volume Telegenisys setups up fax or scanning systems that allow our customers to send all incoming mail to our data system (FTP site). Our staff does the heavy lifting by bates stamping each document, putting a title to each and providing search text such as the source of document, purpose, classification, and other attributes as desired. The net result is that all incoming documents are instantly searchable, scan-able, and secure. For those clients who have their own document management systems, Telegenisys staff delivers the documents and the meta information for each document directly into their document management system.

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Categorization and chronological sorting services

Examining data and summarizing is one of the advantages we offer clients. The cost differential in hiring skilled labor is almost 50% (2013) and it allows our clients to get the job of classifying or sorting documents done rapidly and accurately.
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Database creation, management, and data mining

Using client-specified data sources such as internet directories.. searches or client archived data we develop databases and provide access capability using SQL compliant databases.
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Data and textual input

Data capture refers to the transfer of content and data to an electronic file or a computer. The procedure starts with the collection of data from various sources such as questionnaires, and survey responses. Common methods of data capture include batch keying, tally charts analysis, optical character readers such as bar code scanners, and so on.
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