Financial services

Quick book accounting: telegenisys provides accounting, book keeping, handles the entire inventory, invoicing, payroll and various accounts.

  • We make business accounting fast and easy.
  • We help you in saving your precious time.
  • We organize all your financial information in one place.
  • We help you prepare reports for your business.
  • The set up is done very easily.

Financial statement preparation: we provide assistance with the preparation of financial statements in the most efficient manner. We offer you the following range of services.

  • P & l, balance sheet and cash flow statements.
  • Account reconciliation (periodic and quarterly).
  • Actual to budget comparisons.
  • Trend analysis
  • Ad hoc client analysis.

Accounting system services

Telegenisys helps you to keep track of your business’ profit or loss, it helps you to predict cash flow shortages, it also helps you to accurately keep track of those customers who are always late in paying up or those who are not paying at all. All this would not have been possible without a proper accounting system. We also give your business the following additional benefits:

  • Accurate reporting of business transactions.
  • Easy access to financial statements.
  • Upto date reports on accounts payable, accounts receivable.
  • Excellent management tool.

Accounts receivable management 

Telegenisys enables you to efficiently and easily manage your collections. To improve your financial performance, we provide top-notch accounts receivables management services.

Accounts payable management

Telegenisys enables you to automate your accounts payable process at the click of a button. We eliminate unnecessary paper work, lost invoices, the cost of shipping invoices, paper storage and costs, which in turn saves a lot of time, energy and money. We enable you to efficiently and reliably manage your processes and provide better service to your suppliers.

Reconciliation services


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