E commerce /retailing

Domain expertise

Domain expertise facilitates decreasing the need to revamp the customers existing system structure. It helps to understand the distinctive requirements and ensure that the solution is apt for the same. We at Telegenisys have experienced domain experts who have special skills and knowledge with application domains. These experts solve complicated mathematical and technical problems displaying information in a logical manner. In addition, by implementing domain expertise the company provides a varied range of services, which start from present day process improvement to capability assessment. It lessens the gap between the customer and you by truly connecting with them and understanding their needs and wants.

E-commerce and retailing :

We increase customer loyalty through high customer satisfaction. We have significant experience in delivering customer satisfaction in a high volume environment and provide scalability and flexibility. Telegenisys helps you tackle one of the biggest challenges of any e-commerce sites, the look-to-buy-ratio. The current approximate look-to-buy-ratio is 1-3 %, which means there are more lookers than buyers. One of the vital reasons as to why people leave without buying is ‘support’. Top websites fail to provide their prospective customers services on the web. These sites either don’t respond to their customers’ needs or take more than five days to respond. Some go to the extent of not offering an e-email option. The best thing to do is to shun all these traditional modes of web based business support that depends only on faq’s and electronic mails and wastes a lot of your customers’ time, as he/she has to keep waiting to receive their answers. Just rely on us and see the way your business is conducted on the net. We offer live, 24-hour on line support, 365 days a year, to help you augment sales of your products and services on the net.

Telegenisys’ e-commerce transaction services make conducting business online a very simple process. We take care to design a solution as per your company’s needs. Our solution allows you to process electronic payments with the same convenience and speed as you do off line. It allows you to quickly create online bills for customers.

Financial services

Extending support to increase accuracy and reduce turnaround time.
Payroll processing: Telegenisys offers organizations with strategic advantages and financial benefits by offering reliable and efficient payroll solutions. Telegenisys simplifies your payroll process by updating itself with your employees’ information. We provide you with a payroll worksheet designed to help you report your employees’ hours and earnings by telephone, fax, pc or via the internet. We provide you with an added advantage to help you automate your employee timekeeping with a time and attendance system that seamlessly integrates with our payroll software packages.

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Telesales and lead generation

We carry out outbound marketing campaign via telemarketing and sell the services related to partner programs and promotions. We generate leads and add value to the product. We carry out lead generation for mortgage, credit cards, etc.

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