How does HIPAA protected health information help?

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Health Insurance portability and accountability or HIPAA act was introduced in 1996 with the vision of guaranteeing complete confidentiality of health-related data of patients from all over America. The legislation was introduced after repeated requests from the government to improve the privacy and security of patients seeking confidentiality of the data submitted to the health care professional during treatment. HIPAA protected health information consists of medical data submitted orally or verbally. HIPAA compliant data is vital for any health services provider. In fact, the legislature in America makes it mandatory.

What is HIPAA?

The law defines HIPAA as an entity that includes health care providers conducting certain standard administrative and financial transactions in electronic form or a healthcare clearinghouse or plan. The policy also includes a business associate as a person or entity that performs certain functions or activities on behalf of or provides certain services to, a covered entity that involve the use or disclosure of protected health information.

What does HIPAA protected health information include?

Physical safeguards: HIPAA protected data means having a specific set of rules that cover the transfer, removal, and disposal of any form of health-related information. The rules also include access to workstations and other forms of electronic media that have access to health.

Technical safeguards: From automatic log off and encryption and decryption, The technical safeguards take care of access to health records through the online medium. For instance, Developing unique user ID’s for access to specific parts of data.

Even protection of data being transmitted through the online medium is included as part of the HIPAA act.

How does HIPAA protection help?

HIPAA protection outlines national security standards to protect health data created, received, maintained or transmitted electronically. In some regions, it is also known as electronically protected health information (ePHI).

Medical data entry

Telegenisys specializes in providing medical data entry services. It is important to be able to identify the physical relationship with the information. Merely identifying information will not suffice the cause. For instance, the name, address, etc. are basic details available through a phone book as well, why would it be classified as healthcare information. Only when information is listed as a health condition, health care provision or payment data does it fall under personal health information and will be covered by HIPAA.

Why should you rely on Telegenisys?

Telegenisys works as a reliable partner for HIPAA protected health information. Through its wide variety of medical data entry services, Telegenisys specializes in handling various projects requiring the outsourcing of medical data. The focus is on making a valuable difference to its clients’ businesses by enhancing their competitive advantage and profitability at the same time.

Here is a look at the advantages of choosing Telegenisys as the medical data processing partner:

  • – Cost-effective
  • – Flexible
  • – Viable and customized BPO solutions

Telegenisys is HIPAA compliant and works as an extended team that helps in earning more profits. Through its expertise and in-depth knowledge of international markets, Telegenisys offers the best deals in terms of cost savings and improvement and maintenance of the quality of service delivery.

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