Merits of business transformation outsourcing services

Business transformation outsourcing might be a recent addition to the list of available outsourcing services, but looking at its growing popularity among businesses worldwide, it’s likely that it will become hugely successful in the near future. In just a few years since the concept was implemented successfully for the first time, business transformation outsourcing has proved so useful that most experts in the industry now believe that it is the future of business process outsourcing. Opinions may sometimes be skewed, but not in this case because business transformation outsourcing delivers a lot more benefits than can ever be achieved or were achieved through a conventional outsourcing contract between a business and a service provider.

Transformational outsourcing is different and certainly a lot more beneficial because it does not limit itself to the achievement of pre-defined goals and objectives. Using concepts prescribed by time-tested quality improvement techniques such as six sigma, business transformation outsourcing aims at making the necessary changes in the process itself rather than just implement upon a pre-determined routine. Just like six sigma focuses on continuous quality improvements, so does transformational outsourcing. By identifying bugs and issues in the outsourced process and by devising appropriate solutions for the same in consultations with the client, business transformation outsourcing focuses on unlocking the full potential of an outsourced business process.

Value additions in business transformation outsourcing.

Value additions are other important objectives that are the main focus areas of transformation outsourcing services. A good example is the recent initiative by an outsourcing company to inform customers about new products and services whenever they used the customer care & support helplines. This simple, non-intrusive value addition has helped the business save around 20% of its overall marketing costs. Many other initiatives similar to the one above have been launched in the last few years and the results have been more than satisfactory in most cases. That certainly bodes well for the future of business transformation outsourcing services.

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