Cold calling

Cold calling service

Cold calling involves reaching out to a prospect that you are unfamiliar with and that is also likely to be unfamiliar with your product. Calling and making a pitch under these circumstances is often a waste of time for both yourself and the prospect.

Effective marketing communications are made with those that you are already familiar with. These prospects are individuals are those that you know enough about to have a meaningful conversation with them about your product and how it can benefit them and their organization. This involves more than simply giving them a sales pitch. Successful lead nurturing requires the development of a relationship with the prospective client.

These warm leads require significantly less effort to convert into a sale and leave the prospect with a much better impression of your company than if you had simply cold called them and spit out a set of talking points.

Telegenisys provides clients with precise and accurate data in the form of client profiles so that those involved in lead and demand generation campaigns have an idea of who they will be contacting as well as any pertinent information regarding this specific lead. Such research ensures that each specific lead has been prequalified to receive your pitch, leading to much more comfortable and natural conversation regarding the prospects needs and how your product may be able to help.

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