Data cleansing

Data cleansing & management

Data cleansing is an important aspect of a data management process. For marketing activities to be productive, they must be based on current and accurate data. Whenever an agent generating leads is unsuccessful contacting a target customer due to inaccurate data, efficiency in the process is reduced.

The marketing data used in lead generation is in continuous flux—particularly target contact data—and must be frequently verified for accuracy and updated when necessary. Contact information that is out of date is no longer considered valuable.

Telegenisys can accelerate your company’s internal research by providing precision data using based contact discovery. Many times, Telegenisys can trace important contacts as they move so that your business can maintain these important relationships. This saves your company time and money that would be otherwise necessary to rediscover the contact, or worse, losing that relationship altogether. Data cleansing keeps your CRM data up-to-date so that relationships with your valuable customers and leads can be maintained.

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