Demand Generation

Demand generation: Why is it important?

In addition to developing leads, demand generation includes the process of preparing a lead to be approached by a sales team. A lead cannot simply be contacted by a sales team right away if that potential client does not have much familiarity with the company or the product. Instead, a lead must be educated about the product and what it offers their company.

At Telegenisys, the process begins with contact discovery and prioritizing so that precious time and energy can be focused on leads that are most likely to produce a sale. This is accomplished by using a method that is known as lead scoring. This process provides a numeric score for each potential lead, allowing agents to prioritize which potential clients should be pursued most intensely.

From there, lead profiles are developed and cleaned so that sales teams are presented with accurate information about the lead, increasing the likelihood of a sale. This includes information such as name, contact information and any other pertinent information about the lead.

Telegenisys goes the extra mile when generating demand for your product by also offering to set appointments with potential clients to provide sales teams with the greatest chance of successfully bringing the lead to fruition.

Telegenisys actively seeks to improve its demand generation offering by requesting target improvement feedback from its clients throughout each project to ensure the highest quality service possible. Great communication is key to every project and Telegenisys is committed to working with you to ensure each campaign is conducted with excellence.

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