Demand generation marketing

Demand generation marketing

Demand generation marketing, while similar to lead generation, is the more sharply focused operation. The function of demand generation marketing is to focus on those prospects that have already had some exposure to the company and its product and nurture the lead until it is ready to be followed-up by a sales team.

The difference between lead generation marketing and demand generation can be seen in the types of activities each of these functions conduct. While lead generation looks to elicit interest from potential clients with blogs or webinars, demand generation marketing focuses on the more direct and personal aspect of lead nurturing, building the relationship with the prospect and providing them with additional information that might be useful in moving the lead towards a sale.

Demand generation also focuses on the more technical aspects of a campaign such as lead scoring and marketing ROI analyses. Each of these functions addresses the effectiveness of the campaign and provides data to be used in future advertising efforts. Such activity is appropriate at this stage, as prospects have become at least somewhat familiar with the company and its offerings.

Telegenisys provides demand generation services in addition for its clients in addition to its lead generation offering. Telegenisys can effectively discover and generate leads through precision research and is also capable of conducting demand generation on either a primary or auxiliary basis.

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