Electronic medical records

The internet has completely changed the way that patients’ medical records are stored and viewed. Electronic medical records have become the norm as the use of computers and the ability to store an exurbanite amount of files on a computer along with the ease of locating and delivering a file have given electronic medical records a place in the majority of offices today.

Use of electronic medical records

Along with simply storing and locating a document, electronic medical records can be searched easily to track trends in a patient’s health over a period of time. Noteworthy statistics and events like blood pressure, checkups and vaccines can be tracked and recognized by electronic medical record management systems, which in turn can notify healthcare providers. Thus, healthcare workers can take appropriate action.

This action often involves contacting the patient to inform them of their need to visit the practice. These contracts create additional electronic medical records and the potential for even more to be created during the next visit. Each of these electronic medical records provides invaluable information to the practice.

Why is telegenisys your ideal electronic medical records processing partner?

Medical records run throughout the entire healthcare system documenting each step of the process. A patient’s medical records are viewed during a medical observation and as a result new medical records are created that are passed on to payers responsible to compensate for services provided. From there, data administrators process and refine data that is then sent back to the healthcare provider where the process begins again. The responsibility of handling those records with accuracy and care are massive, requiring qualified third party personnel to make the process function smoothly. Telegenisys acts as a vendor for handling these records and helps in processing data at a higher rate and efficiency. This allows the transition of medical records in a timely and accurate manner. This is extremely important for the healthcare provider as the way a practice handles its medical records could either provide a positive experience for the patient or sink the whole operation altogether.

Telegenisys’s hipaa compliant case management services are supported by a specialized expert workforce.

You can rest assured about the safety of your data and the timeliness of delivery.

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