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Telegenisys is a California based lead generation company that specializes in being a demand generation catalyst. Defining core principal of the organization is to deliver actionable and result oriented data.  The company supports a client’s demand generation pipeline in fundamental market research, custom and conventional contact discovery, organization and contact profiling, prospect and client list maintenance (and cleansing), inbound and outbound lead generation promotional material syndication, appointment setting and corporate sales support.

We believe it our core mission to develop and deliver competitive, cost effective demand pipeline support.  Our clients bear testimony to our commitment to this mission.

Telegenisys was formed in 1994, emerging from its roots with Lodging Data Center.  It has provided sales support and data for almost 2 decades following the evolution of marketing process development and being a solution to the demand generation process for many companies.  Our clients include SAAP software developers, medical equipment manufacturers and insurance solution providers among many.  B2B contact discovery service is a core competency of the organization and it consistently scores high in optimizing the contact discovery process as it discovers data.  This adaptability provides superior results in a shorter amount of time leading to lower costs.

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Telegenisys managers host moderated blogs with updates weekly or more often. We hope you will enjoy our blog streams.

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