Lead scoring

Lead scoring system

Lead scoring is an important aspect of the lead generation process as it is used to rate the perceived value of a perspective client. Using a variety of method, each lead is given a score that dictates the urgency and importance that should be placed on contacting this particular individual.

Telegenisys uses lead scoring with assigning priorities for advertising and marketing campaigns. This allows for those leads that are farthest along in the buying cycle to receive additional attention to ensure that the lead comes to fruition.

Your valuable time and energy should be extended to those that are most likely to purchase your product. Doing so increases the efficiency of your sales department and allows lead generation personnel to refocus their efforts on other potential clients that have also been scored as being likely to purchase in the future.

The lead scoring process at Telegenisys has been shown to be effective in producing leads that consistently perform. Any company using Telegenisys’ demand generation services will be able to reap the rewards of its highly effective lead scoring system.

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