Visualize medical data with customizable abstracts for

  • Life Expectancy
  • Clinical Trials
  • Life Insurance
  • Claims Adjustment
  • Workmans Compenstion
  • Disability
  • Many other use cases

Cover all your bases with our software assisted abstracts that are more detailed and exhaustive. Better decisions quicker means higher performance and rapid case resolutions.

Expect superior work. Our team processes thousands of pages a day. If your large records take weeks, you will be surprised how rapidly we can generate your abstracts and chronologies. Our team will work with you to replicate your presentation format, so you can focus on what’s important, driving better outcomes for your clients.

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Telegenisys is our preferred partner in the Underwriting area. They provide medical abstracts which enables our underwriting team to make accurate and informed decisions. The input from the Telegenisys team allows our underwriters to focus on risk evaluation enabling accurate LE calculations. These support services have acted as a catalyst in our rapid market growth as clients continue to leverage us for our accurate output and quick turnaround times.

Chief Executive Officer

Longevity services company

ISO Certified Company

Our ISO standards for process quality and security ensure remote team success using systematic documentation of each process, followed by monitoring success metrics of the business process. You can count on the Telegenisys team fully integrating with clients own teams and collaborating seamlessly for successful results every time.

HIPAA compliant organization

Telegenisys has instituted physical, technical and administrative safeguards to ensure that client data is safe from unauthorized access and complete compliance with HIPAA. We ensure that all of the security regulations are known in great detail and the responsible entities have instituted the policies necessary under the HIPAA privacy laws.

Medical data abstraction is the process of extracting medical data from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive and accurate dataset presented as relevant to a use case. These datasets are used for medical research, litigation support, underwriting and health applications.

At Telegenisys, we provide medical data abstraction services to help make sense of tedious medical records for specific uses. In one example, we create abstracts for life settlement portfolios for investors of life insurance products. We can help you find the trends and correlations in your data to improve patient outcomes through our services while presenting them in the exact format you require.

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