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Medical data abstraction is the process of extracting medical data from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive and accurate dataset presented as relevant to a use case. These datasets are used for medical research, litigation support, underwriting and health applications.

At Telegenisys, we provide medical data abstraction services to help make sense of tedious medical records for specific uses. In one example, we create abstracts for life settlement portfolios for investors of life insurance products. We can help you find the trends and correlations in your data to improve patient outcomes through our services while presenting them in the exact format you require.

Our team of experts who are graduates from the medical field will take all of your patient data and compile it into an easy-to-use format, so you can access it whenever and wherever you need it. Plus, our tailored services meet the specific needs of your practice, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

At Telegenisys, we have more than 20 years of experience performing medical data abstraction. We have developed custom software Visualize Medical Records (VMR) to produce medical databases from records.

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Here is a list of things you should know about our medical abstraction services:

  1. The future of healthcare is data-driven
  2. VMR software is an advanced automated medical data abstraction system
  3. The future of automated clinical documentation is here!
  4. Medical data analytics software (VMR)- A new era in visualizing medical data
  5. Medical data abstraction services – FAQ

The future of healthcare is data-driven

Thousands of people visit hospitals and clinics each year. Many doctors and nurses work tirelessly to provide and track medical services for these patients. With millions of patients and years of data, extracting medical information manually for better patient outcomes may be difficult for hospitals and healthcare systems.

In this data-driven industry, automation plays a vital role. Automating medical data abstraction can help you get more accurate and up-to-date information. Telegenisys can handle sizeable medical data sets with our automated medical data abstraction services. We have a team of medical transcriptionists, medical billers, and medical abstractors who can help you get the most out of your data.

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VMR software is an advanced automated medical data abstraction system

Telegenisys has been a leading medical record abstraction service provider for almost two decades. We have helped hundreds of healthcare organizations obtain exact results. We’ve done so by implementing a thorough procedure flow which helps us achieve an accuracy rate of 99.8%.

So, when you outsource medical record abstraction services to us, we employ a straightforward procedure that utilizes cutting-edge technology and meets your corporate requirements.

The stages in our procedure are customized to each client. A typical flow is as follows:

Records retrieval

We work with clients to help them evaluate the work required and construct a scalable layout and approach based on the information needed after hiring Telegenisys as their medical record abstracting firm. We collect a patient’s medical record through the records retrieval process, and these medical records are processed by our software program Visualize Medical Records (VMR).

The patient’s medical record is consolidated into various chronologies and indexed appropriately for medical record abstraction. Each chronology is linked to its source in the medical record, and you can reference lab reports, physician and nurse notes, pharmacy reports, etc., with a single click.

The manual process of clinical data abstraction has long been the norm. Non-electronic relevant data is entered into predetermined fields to allow any interested person or organization to access the information directly. However, with VMR, we automate the entire data collection process of medical records to report generation.

Our experts will create the required software-assisted abstracts after the data collection process within a short time and save you time and money.

Remove bottlenecks in manual abstraction

The primary method used of manually extracting all of this data from medical records might be time-consuming, jeopardizing healthcare organizations. Hospitals have significant difficulties promptly calculating and reporting fundamental measures because of scattered patient files across many healthcare systems and departments. When it comes to identifying problems in patient care, determining the responsible contributing factors can be pretty challenging.

It may take a long time to review all patient files, which severely slows down and inhibits a provider’s capacity to correct quality issues and successfully influence quality improvement. It’s also more expensive to maintain. It has an economic effect on the institution since your top-rated employees may be preoccupied with this manual work rather than focusing on other elements of clinical care.

When you partner with us, you can eliminate all these bottlenecks in the manual abstraction process. Telegenisys’ mission is to turn unstructured data into actionable structured key data with the help of automation.

Detailed analysis

After examining patients’ electronic health records, critical information is abstracted, then used to create short reports. Depending on the measure or goal, this information can come from various sources, including paper medical records, electronic medical records, administrative databases, and so on.

A detailed analysis of both big and small data sets is completed, and information documentation is crucial since it can help future decisions. Telegenisys’ expert team of abstractors will analyze and interpret a patient’s medical record and clinical notes.

Abstraction of only those key data elements is undertaken that the client requires. The abstraction process includes medical records review, data entry, and quality assurance. After the data abstracted is entered into reports, it goes through a round of quality measures by our expert team. This quality checking helps to ensure that the information is clean, accurate, and complete before sending it to the client.

Skillful Abstraction Team

We make sure our team is adequately trained to handle your data and is up to your company standards. Our team of experts has proven abilities and has the clearance to access your records. Our experts are highly experienced, and Telegenisys operations are certified ISO27001 (Physical and data security) and ISO9001 (Quality delivery), and we undergo yearly external HIPAA inspections.

You will have a project manager who will act as your primary contact and be accessible to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We provide the best possible service, so we offer free consultations to discuss your particular requirements and how we can assist you. We realize that every healthcare system facility is unique; therefore, we adapt our services to fit your needs.

Telegenisys can ensure that your medical data is in excellent hands. We have the knowledge and experience to complete the task successfully.

Automated medical data abstraction

Healthcare organizations are turning to technologies like Telegenisys and our successful software VMR, which focuses on improving quality care and patient care by removing the abstraction burden with automation.

Our superior technology-driven clinical data abstraction process for a strong healthcare system interprets clinical notes and medical records into recommendations.

VMR can extract data, analyze it, and interprets clinical notes and medical records data to create content recommendations. It also allows abstractors to auto-fill in forms and follow up by automating the filling of additional fields, working more efficiently. VMR takes the role of abstractor from author to editor, making abstraction easier.

One of the most significant benefits is that abstractors can get a comprehensive perspective of the entire process, including access to data back to its origin and in context.

Comprehensive reporting

Summary reports, visualizations, and data exports are part of a comprehensive reporting system that can assist you in better comprehending your data, spotting trends, and making more informed judgments.

You will be able to access your data and generate reports whenever you want. We can generate reports at regular intervals and send them via email.

We understand how crucial security is to you. Therefore we have included several security precautions to safeguard your data. Our experienced teams and Telegenisys operations follow all HIPAA Compliance rules. Our clients can trust us to deliver world-class data quality and security when you partner with us to assess or abstract medical information. Our servers are backed up regularly and located in a secure location.

VMR-advanced automated medical data abstraction system

Telegenisys offers the highest quality clinical data abstraction services possible. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to fit your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Telegenisys: The future of automated clinical documentation and data abstraction is here!

We are a go-to partner for hundreds of clients worldwide, as we operate as a well-known medical record abstraction company in the field.

In terms of quality and reporting of progress effectively and rapidly, Telegenisys provides a variety of advantages, including –

High-level data security

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and private. That is why we have security measures in place and follow HIPAA standards for privacy compliance. To safeguard clients’ information, all team members must sign an NDA.

Cost-effective services

We provide affordable industry-leading medical record abstraction pricing that allows you to relocate your resources and utilize improved abstraction data, resulting in lower company operation expenses.

Assurance of quality

We have stringent quality control measures in place for abstracted records to ensure that your project maintains high quality throughout the contract term. A different quality check is carried out at each stage of the procedure to ensure accurate results.

ISO Certified

We are a medical record abstracting firm with ISO certification for physical and data security (ISO 27001) and quality delivery (ISO 9001), which specifies the procedure and management of medical record information. We guarantee that medical records are accurate, comply with legal standards, are trustworthy, and encourage appropriate medical practice.

High accuracy

We train our staff to focus on the parts of their jobs where their knowledge is most valuable, ensuring we maintain the quality and accuracy throughout the year.

Transparency and Communication

We make every effort to offer you the most significant assistance as an electronic health records abstraction business. To answer your questions, we contact organizations for clarification so that you receive correct answers. We conduct regular follow-ups when they are due and ensure that you are duly informed about the status of your requests.

Experienced and committed employees

At Telegenisys, we have a staff of specialists with medical backgrounds who are qualified abstractors. Our team has the clearance to extract information from EMR systems, which cuts down on time and boosts compliance rates.

Simplified query management

Our professionals are skilled in generating queries that contact the healthcare professional directly for fast and direct answers. For accurate reporting, we offer customizable templates and can document and track every inquiry, whether written or verbal.

All-Inclusive customized reporting

We make sure we meet all of your reporting needs, and as a result, we provide you with relevant data analysis capabilities on many levels. The standard reports we provide you with are pre-designed, and you can download them quickly. Ad hoc reports, on the other hand, can be produced ad hoc as needed. Customized reports are also available to help you get the most out of your data.

We provide you with on-time reports, including abstraction reports, project status updates, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports, and quality reports. We also find errors and correct them while providing you with the tools to contact our staff promptly.

24/7 Customer support

Customer service is available to you 24 hours, 365 days a year. We give you the assistance that allows for fast turnarounds, efficient services, and good question resolution. Your one-on-one project manager communicates with you during your regular working hours and according to your time zone.

Rapid turnaround time

Our team has a lot of experience, so we can quickly and easily get your medical abstraction records ready. This service will save you time because you won’t have to do as much work.

Dedicated professional services and project team

We have a team dedicated to your project. This team includes managers, supervisors, and auditors available to you during the abstraction process. You will also receive a day-to-day update.

High scalability

We have the expertise and equipment to assist you with more hands when needed and scaling up based on the amount of business. We’re here to support you. We know that medical abstraction requirements can be complex and ever-changing, so we offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our experienced team works with all types of medical records, so we can adapt to whatever you need.

Modern and Up-to-Date facilities

Whatever is your requirement, we at Telegenisys use the latest technology product we have developed, VMR. It helps reduce the cost and time of data abstraction.

The future of automated clinical documentation and data abstraction

Medical data analytics software (VMR)- A new era in visualizing medical data

The modern healthcare sector generates enormous amounts of data, which is typically far more complex and delicate than other industries. Patient care institutions must have reliable and dedicated analytical software like Visualize Medical Records (VMR) to process, analyze, and perform complex data analyses such as comparative modeling, predictive modeling, and cognitive modeling to extract insights from this highly complex data.

We need to use the powerful analytical capabilities of VMR to analyze complex healthcare data carefully. Our analysis will help you find insights and predict the best course of action.

Medically relevant data is abstracted from medical records with the help of VMR and stored in a medically referenced database after it is abstracted. Healthcare companies can further study and investigate this data whenever they need it.

VMR software manages complex data from the healthcare industry to improve patient care services and cut costs. This program incorporates robust healthcare data analytics solutions to deal with all issues in the health systems. The software offers real-time analytics to doctors, physicians, and other paramedic staff so they can improve the quality of their digital health practice.

With VMR, we can give your practice the information you need when making decisions. We offer both real-time data analytics and historical trends so that there’s no guessing about what will happen next or how an operation could improve its financial performance

We make it easier for healthcare professionals like yourself by providing them with actionable insights into their businesses through our complex understanding of all aspects of running a clinic or hospital successfully – from finances down to operational efficiency levels!

The use of data analytics in patient care has increased exponentially over recent years. This rise is due to its benefits being seen as an effective means for improving quality, complying with complex regulatory requirements, and more efficiently segmenting patients into groups who could benefit from specific treatments or policies – all while saving money!

With VMR, we cover almost all aspects of data collection and analysis for our clients in the patient care sector. Visualizing medical data has never been this easy.

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Medical data abstraction services – Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical data abstraction?

Clinical data abstraction extracts critical administrative and clinical data elements required from medical records.

How can clinical data abstraction services help my organization?

Clinical data abstraction services can help your health systems by providing a medically referenced database for further analysis and clinical research purposes.

What are the benefits of clinical data abstraction?

Some benefits of clinical data abstraction include improved quality of healthcare services, minimizing costs of therapeutic procedures, and real-time analytics for doctors and physicians.

How can I get started with medical data abstraction services?

You can get started with medical data abstraction services by contacting Telegenisys. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and provide a clinical data abstraction services proposal.

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