Blended services

Blended services: Optimizing your resources

Telegenisys provides integrated services to its clients wherein the agents are handling more than one channel simultaneously.

The agents are trained to provide support for multiple channels and use more
than one medium for communicating and processing a contract/record.

Transaction Processing : Extending support to increase accuracy and reduce turnaround time.

Telegenisys provides backend support and processes voluminous transactions for its clients. Our systematic approach towards quality control and service delivery helps our agents/associates process transactions and consistently perform above the client’s enterprise averages. We provide quality inputs in:

Back office services:

Moving from ‘Information’ to ‘Intelligence’ is our prime motto. We provide backend support and process a high volume of transactions for our clients.

Data capture

Our firm offers data capture and management in Data Entry Keying, Re-keying , OCR & Image Scanning, ‘Click & Capture’ Entry Systems …
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Content writing

You can always expect the best quality content from us because we make it a point to hire only the most creative and talented writers …
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