Beware of

Our site is and we’ve been in business since 1994.

Recently persons unknown to us registered the domain and have been directing traffic to our site in connection to craigslist job postings.

We have reported this issue to GoDaddy, Craigslist and law enforcement.

We strongly advise thinking twice before paying out or signing up for a “credit check service” as part of a job offer.

Once again we have the domain and have no connection to whomever may be behind

With some help from the posters below we have been informed that is using zendough which is connected to TransUnion and that TransUnion only seems to respond to BBB complaints. We have had nothing to do with TransUnion so we have no experience in this area.

If you want to email us about this the best address is

Other sites where the same thing seems to have happened:

We have no way of knowing exactly what the intent of the scam is, but it appears to be a money making scheme where they have signed up on an affiliate program with the credit check service and so get paid either by the click through to the credit check service or by the account created from the URLs they give out to the people they deceive. Increasing the costs and reducing the income of the credit check service seems to be the only way to get that company to crack down on their affiliate program members to prevent these schemes.

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