Christmas celebration

Christmas celebrations

Telegenisys India organized a Christmas party for their staff on December 24th, 2019. The office was decorated. There was a Christmas tree that had gifts for all. This was part of the secret Santa routine where each one got a suspense gift for someone else. These were given away by Santa for the day. With an average tenure of over 2.5 years, Telegenisys staff knows each other well. This is a great place to work and management maintains a high level of employee morale.

All were dressed in their Sunday best with the theme being red, white, and black. The festivities included dinner with delicious starters and biryani and soft drinks. They work hard on highly sensitive private data for many clients and the ISO certification leads to a very disciplined environment. The celebrations gave the staff an opportunity to relax and play some games before they left with happy memories.

This great camaraderie leads Telegenisys to excellence as the familiarity helps the teams work well together and produce durable results for Telegenisys clients. Telegenisys is its people and such celebrations reflect our team spirit and support. We welcome you to see some pictures of the event below.

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