HIPAA enforcement: Failure to safeguard patient health data can result in heavy penalty.

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Recently a life insurance company that failed to safeguard patient health data received a penalty of $2.2 million by U.S. department of Health and Human services. Ref.

As per the report, pen drive containing protected health information was stolen from it department. This data contained sensitive information related to patient including their names, date of births and social security numbers. The company failed to implement sufficient security measures regarding confidentiality of ePHI.

Even if security technologies are evolving, there are multiple security risks present in the world. “Patient health information can be anonymously sold and traded to third parties for numerous reasons, some of which – such as research purposes – can be beneficial to the larger population” wrote Adam Tanner of Harvard university’s institute for quantitative social science. Ref.

Telegenisys recently published a white paper for risk management in outsourcing which talks about what are the things we must ensure to protect valuable information related to patient health information and network security and why its necessary.

Telegenisys has been securely handling ePHI since a decade.

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