Legal Nurse Consultant Medical Records Toolset

Legal Nurse Consultant Medical Records Toolset: A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) reviews thousands of pages in each medical record and from this extracts a few pages of summary for their clients. If the LNC fails to account for any salient point in these thousands of pages it can critically undermine their client’s case. Then the LNC must start fresh with the next record. Telegenisys analytics software extracts tables of references from the medical records listing last to first dates for events, providers, and categories of diagnostic codes, all with links to the exact page in each source. LNCs can now start with a detailed timeline of the medical record then double check their conclusions against each fact by date.

Step up your work with fully referenced records to provide extra value for your clients. Give attorneys the tools to leverage all of the information hidden in the medical record.

Unparelleled Medical Analytics from PDF data
Research Report - Making Sense of PDF Medical Records

Request the research report and let us setup a demo for you.

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