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Medical chronologies are essential tools used to provide a quick and comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history and details of their medical events. At Telegenisys, we use specialized software called Visualize Medical Records (VMR) to organize, index, and cross-reference medical records, making them structured for reviews done by legal, pharmaceutical, insurance, and other institutions. On this page, we will show you examples of medical chronology pages that we produce.

Telegenisys’ Visual Medical Record (VMR)

Telegenisys’ Visual Medical Record (VMR) contains an extensive database that encompasses a vast range of diseases and health symptoms (ICD 10 and 9 codes), approved drugs for human use in the RxNorm database, healthcare providers listed in the National Provider Index (NPI) maintained by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and more than 6,000 industry-specific medical terms. Our software’s reliance on industry-standard databases makes it an ideal tool for litigation, medical research, healthcare, and insurance purposes.

With the help of VMR, we provide unique ways of displaying drug chronologies, lab reports, vitals data, and other elements of medical records. This innovative software is designed for rapid medical review of the facts and export of structured data to litigation support and other client software.

Features and examples of Telegenisys’ medical chronologies

Let us look at the key features of our VMR generated medical chronologies. These include:

Patient Condition Reference & Chronology

Extensive reference of medical record hyperlinks and date chronology of conditions in bookmarks.  Rapid review of any medical condition, date of medical event or diagnosis and treatment over time.  Read medical records with instant access to condition reference.

ICD 10 and ICD 9 Billing Codes References

For older records, our reference database supports the full ICD 9 condition/billing codes as well.  Reach both codes using bookmark chronology, use hyperlink table or print for reference or submission.  The medical summary product is designed for multiple uses.

Chronology By Event Type

Event segmentation allows reviewers to examine every medical event from different perspectives. This is a view of references by type of event.

Examine Medical Events By Type Of Provider

We validate all healthcare providers using National Provider Index managed by Health and Human Services (CMS) and refer to all declared specialties. As a result, we are able to provide views of medical events by type of healthcare provider.

Medical Events Chronology

It can be hard to get to medical events in a large record. We provide a general chronology to help navigate the medical record by events over time. This example shows medical events on a timeline with a brief summary of each event. We often create new views for medical research, patient intake or litigation.

Select Tables from Bookmarks

In addition to providing hyperlinked references for each type of medical event our software also generate bookmark chronology. This image shows the bookmark tree that allows a reviewer to jump through medical record while reviewing references.

Medical Term Reference

We create reference bookmarks and indexes to help identify and understand medical terms and abbreviations. This database is sourced from medical databases used by the healthcare profession. Our chronologies and summaries are often used in healthcare and we have designed the references for technical review and use.

Support For All Sources Of Medical Information

Patient records often come from emergency care, pharmacies, billing departments, and other sources. Our system unifies the records into one patient document while creating rapid referencing for the entire record. Each document source and reference information is retained so a reviewer can see the source and page information of any patient record page.

Drug Use Reference Chronology

Chronology of drug use points to patients developing tolerance or to worsening conditions.

We reference drugs approved by the FDA in the National Drug Code database providing a full chronology of each drug occurrence. Drug use related to pain study is prepared in addition to drug chronologies for custom patient reports.

Medical Record Annotations Example

Medical events are annotated when they start with concise information about each event. Our medical event data model allows for any type of record from typed pages to scanned and handwritten pages.

Source Table Reference

Displays information about each medical data file incorporated in the patient record and a list of reference tables.

Structured Data Exports From Chronology

Every medical fact about this patient is in data files attached to the pdf with VMR chronologies. Our clients using legal software, EHR or any kind of database can export this patient data into their own systems for further analysis. Medical fact chronologies can make or break medical record assertions for a wide variety of purposes.

All data referenced is available in tables for export. Files can be provided as comma-separated-values or XML/JSON files for rapid and accurate portability.

Clients working on patient groups for mass tort actions, research of groups, pharma research or any patient groupings can easily export this data for analysis and query.

When chronologies need to be updated, these databases provide the baseline to build on previous work rather than starting from a completely new set of record and paying for analysis again.

Telegenisys is committed to providing in-depth and precise medical chronological reports and medical record summaries through our cutting-edge Visual Medical Record software. Our demonstrated medical page examples showcase the extensive and dependable nature of our medical chronologies, backed by the comprehensive features listed above.

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