Medical record retrieval for law firms

medical record retrieval for law firms

Take the time and hassle out of retrieving medical records.

There are several challenges while retrieving medical records in-house, such as providers and facilities taking a long time to respond, having difficulty managing the medical record retrieval process, or having a very limited time to retrieve a lot of medical records. Hence, the In-house retrieval of medical records is time-consuming and expensive.

By outsourcing this task to a third party, law firms can free up their staff’s time for more important work. This allows them to keep costs low by having them focus on important work while letting a third-party team of specialists retrieve medical records for them.

There are various medical record retrieval service providers available in the industry. However, selecting a reputed and experienced one is the first step to get better services.

Reduce the cost of litigation by retrieving all relevant information

Telegenisys is a company that focuses on helping law firms to retrieve medical records. No matter how complicated the request, we have a team of professionals who can help law firms in a short amount of time by making sure timely follow-ups, avoiding potential delay, doing sufficiency checks for medical records, and working through problematic providers. Telegenisys helps law firms reduce costs and improve efficiency by retrieving medical records faster. It reduces the cost of litigation because it provides all relevant information to lawyers.

HIPAA Compliant medical record retrieval

HIPAA compliance is a legal requirement for any law firm engaged in healthcare cases. Telegenisys makes it easy to follow the law because we have the latest encryption technology and our employees undergo HIPAA training. Our medical record retrieval services have been providing safe and secure solutions for more than a decade. We’ve never lost a patient’s information, so lawyers can trust our team to keep theirs safe.

Get the documents you need fast and easy

The importance of receiving medical records on time is crucial for any law firm. They allow you to present information that will help the case and can also mean the difference between certain success or failure for clients who have been injured due to their negligence, Whether it be an injury or a major claim, having the right medical records will help to get them what they deserve!

Telegenisys’ Legal medical record retrieval services overview

We know that Attorneys are busy so we make the record retrieval and record summarization easy so attorneys can be more effective.

  • We collect records more effectively (urgency customized to case needs)
  • We perform readability and sufficiency tests to ensure law firms are getting what they need, not what the medical provider sent. Our provider relationship staff has helpful guidelines to help them with what they require.
  • When required we do medical grade analytics on medical records so they get a chronology database to use as they please. Our systems provide them with hundreds of different ways to display the data to emphasize exactly what they need to.
  • Our summaries come with organized data. Our software is used in medical research so we bring the power of unparalleled detail while displaying data simply so they can drive better outcomes for their clients.
  • World-class infrastructure, HIPAA Compliance, ISO standards are earmarks of our superior performance. Don’t settle for any less.

How can we help your law firm free up time and resources?

Contact our team of experts, who will put together a customized solution just for you.

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