Medical records retrieval use cases supported by Telegenisys

Telegenisys has been retrieving medical records for over 2 decades.  We have developed real time portals which track the retrieval process for each record in minute detail and keep our clients updated.  Here are some of the use cases for which Telegenisys provides record retrieval assistance.

Medical records retrieval for law firms

Lawyers have to deal with many cases where the victim was injured or one of the parties suffered health issues during the trials. To fight them, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the event. Medical records help in supplying you with the familiarity of the victim’s health. So, while you are busy figuring out how to win the case, why not outsource medical records retrieval to us? You will never have to worry about verifying the records or not getting them on time. Our medical records collection system works simultaneously with your tasks so that you have the best chance of winning against your opponent.

APS retrieval for life insurance companies

When you receive an application for life insurance, you will need to go through their medical history. This gives you a good idea of the risk you may be facing by insuring your client. But we know that collecting these records is only a small step in the process. You must have faced countless obstacles and delays that developed, making it a tiring system. Getting access to these must be a swift procedure. Here at Telegenisys, we have already diagnosed these issues and found the best solutions for them. Let us handle the APS retrieval while you focus on the application.

Medical records retrieval for claims processing

Many fraudulent insurance cases are filed across the country all the time. So when your client claims their insurance, you will need to see some evidence. This is where medical records can save your company. In this case, you will not need the entirety of the report. Only a small section will be relevant to you. But scanning through your customers’ entire medical history can be immensely time-consuming. Our hi-tech APS retrieval service can browse through the records and find your region of interest.

Oftentimes personal details of an individual can change. This can prove to be a problem when an insurance claim is made. So, Telegenisys came up with a solution that will keep the medical record database up to date even without actively revising them. Automated data harvesting bots search through the Internet for this information. In case, no new information is found, a level 2 search is performed by our research teams.

Pharma & research medical records retrieval

As a pharmaceutical company, you have to understand your patients’ medical histories before prescribing a drug to them. Prescribing medicine that your patient is allergic to, or one that can have adverse effects by reacting to another medication they may already be on can have catastrophic aftereffects. For this reason, you must have their records. Getting them on time can be a matter of life or death. So, leave the medical records retrieval process to the professionals. We pride ourselves in delivering these records to you at the earliest to help you figure out the best medicine that should be administered quickly, saving your patient’s life.

HEDIS audit support medical records retrieval

As a HEDIS auditor, reviewing the medical records can give you valuable insight and can be crucial to judging the hospital. Medical records give you a detailed idea of the care being carried out on patients. At Telegenisys, we have a thorough understanding of the HEDIS procedure and hence are adept at HEDIS response retrieval. We know what you look for so, our research teams can find exactly that and deliver it to you in a jiffy. The report will be comprehensive yet abbreviated. This will give you plenty of information to assess the hospital but also allow you to come to your decision as early as possible by eliminating the need to skim through meaningless information.

Physician records retrieval support

In healthcare, it’s your job to create a hospitable environment for your patients. They must be well taken care of and provided curative treatment. But one wrong move can be fatal. Diagnosing the problem is crucial in healthcare and if previous diagnoses were performed, the doctors must be aware of them. To get a detailed idea of the state of the ill, medical records are the best way. Telegenisys finds and recovers these records for you in no time. If you need to update your client’s medical record, we can help you here too! Just send us the information and we will do the rest.

Patient medical records retrieval

If you are a patient, you are entitled to your medical records. One way to get your hands on these is by dialing up the medical facility and enquiring them for the records. This is both a tedious and a long process. Several laws also create giant roadblocks in the procedure. Many times, even after getting the report in hand, inaccuracies can be observed. So, let us shoulder this responsibility. Since we have immeasurable experience and specialized teams, we can get you the records at the earliest.

What sets us apart

When in need of medical records, the biggest factors are speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Here at Telegenisys, our Attending Physician Statement retrieval ensures these using the following qualities:

  • Over a decade of experience has shown us the best ways of retrieving and delivering medical reports in record time.
  • Hi-tech solutions allow us to provide you with accurate information. These methods also optimize the retrieval process.
  • 5 million + medical providers have trusted us with their medical record information, so we can supply your records to you instantaneously.
  • We have an average retrieval time of 12 days.
  • Track the whereabouts of your records with real-time status updates.
  • With our tech-savvy business model, we allow for automatic billing of your medical records.
  • We provide support in not only record retrieval and medical record organization but also for electronic signatures so that the entire process is digital.
  • We are connected to the National Provider Identifier (NPI registry) to help you locate the healthcare provider.
  • We also have access to the RxNorm to narrow your search according to the drugs your client may have used.
  • The ICD-10 and ICD-9 databases containing the various US known diseases are also linked to our service.

Cutomized process – Superior results

Telegenisys often customizes record retrieval policies based on client guidance.  Our systems excel at developing custom solutions for each need.  Reach out to us and experience how we can glove-fit your retrieval process exactly to your requirements.

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