Outsourcing Considerations : Protect PHI and private databases from being located offshore.

Telegenisys is an American company registered in Delaware and operating in California. While some international outsourcing companies are registered outside the US and do not have to comply with US laws, as a US company for more than two decades Telegenisys does comply with US law. Telegenisys further secures all outsourcing contracts (Protect PHI) with detailed planning for implementation excellence and ensuring data security.

Telegenisys protects client data by using US Cloud service providers with appropriate BAA agreements when necessary to ensure data security. Even though Telegenisys data center is located in India all employees working on client data do so by double authentication and secure channels to US Cloud.

In addition Telegenisys further secures data by flushing out PHI or sensitive client data from user systems daily. This is done by positive affirmation and signature verifications to ensure reliability.

Some outsourcing companies do store data in India. We consider this is risky as laws are different in India and ethics are different. US companies thinking of working with us learn early on how we deploy our systems to protect their data, where it resides, how it is secure, what access controls are put in place, how we follow HIPAA guidelines and why their data is being managed by a US Cloud not some server sitting in India.

Outsourcing excellence requires care and planning. We have been delivering on both for several decades.

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